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Your purchase helps support research and clinical trials that will save the lives of children battling cancer. We believe so strongly in this mission that we will not stop until there are safer, less toxic treatment options for these kids.

We donate 1% of every purchase to nonprofits committed to advancing and funding the research to find a cure, better treatment options and eliminate childhood cancer.


Help Fund The Fight

Childhood Cancer needs answers. Thanks to organizations like The Little Warrior Foundation, those questions are being taken seriously.


Your Loved One Gets Cancer

You learn your child, grandchild, brother sister, niece, or nephew has cancer.


Your Options Are Limited

You learn the only treatment option is adult therapies from the 1960s, with debilitating, lasting side effects.


A Life Long Battle

If your loved one survives, they have a 95% chance of developing chronic health conditions, secondary cancers, cognitive impairments, and shortened lifespan due to the harsh medical treatments.

Current Childhood Cancer Treatments Are Not Working And We Won't Stop Until They Do!