White Wine Chilling Carafe Handcrafted Recycled Glass

Recycled Wine Chilling Carafe

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Pour in your favorite white wine, add ice into the side pocket, and serve!  Each piece is hand-made by a talented glass blower from recycled material, so each Glass Wine Decanter is free-formed into a unique design boasting a handmade quality with no two being exactly alike.   

The ice pocket allows you to chill your favorite wine, while the fluted spout aerates the wine while pouring.  Chill your wine and aerate while you pour with this exceptional handmade two-in-one Recycled Glass Wine Decanter. 

  •  Measures  16" Tall.
  • 100% Recycled Glass.
  • A perfect piece for entertaining or a lovely gift for any wine lover!
  • Handcrafted - Due to the hand-crafted process, the texture of each item will differ.  Air bubbles and small imperfections add individual charm to each one of a kind piece!