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SMall Wooden Treen Pig Bowl - Reproduction Treen Originally Carved Out Of Vry Knotty Wood.  Lots of Detail, Imperfections and Finished With A Realistic Matte Finish

Small Wooden Treen Pig Bowl

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Short on size but big on style.  This little guy is adorable from top to bottom.  

Originally carved out of a very knotty wood, this small pig bowl measures 4" wide 8" long and 3" tall. The piece has a good weight and detailed look. There is a prominent knot down the center of the bowl and deep carving marks. The knot looks like a dark crack running down the bottom of the bowl.  The knot is also visible inside the bowl.

Our Treen is cast from the original antiques and carefully finished with a realistic matte finish.  Details from the original pieces like the grain of wood are captured.  Our Treen is very primitive looking; because they are cast from authentic antiques, there are marks, holes and knots.   Made of resin and is not for use with unwrapped food. Accessories are not included.

Measures 8" long, 3" tall and 4" wide.

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